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About 2 Fish Company

2 Fish Company, LLC is a creative B2B and B2C marketing agency located in West Michigan. We work closely with our client partners, building relationships that allow us to solve problems and produce outstanding results.

Scott and Shelly Millen started 2 Fish Co. in 2011 with a simple goal: do good work with good people. Today, 2 Fish Co. keeps company with good people at organizations big and small (from Fortune 1000 companies to startups), global and local, for- and not-for-profit.

You could say we’re small fish in a big pond, but our team produces world-class, award-winning work. Marketing strategy, copywriting, publication design, digital name it, we do it. We’re truly full-service; just think of us as your external marketing department.

Whether you’re underwater with marketing or just need a helping hand, we invite you to swim with us! (No wetsuit or scuba gear required.)

Locations Served

We’re local and global! We’re located in Zeeland, Michigan, right down the road from Holland and just a jaunt up the highway to Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, or Kalamazoo. Our client partners hail from all over the United States as well as Canada, the UK, Australia, China, Germany, and beyond!

Areas of Expertise

We have the know-how to work with companies in any industry, but our areas of expertise include medical device, automotive, manufacturing, publication, and nonprofit.

  • Lucas Balk

    Digital Marketing Lead

  • Adam Rossi

    Senior Creative Lead

  • Lisa Talarczyk

    Creative Lead

  • Scott Millen

    Managing Partner & Creative Principal

  • Rachel Hindley

    Relationship Manager

  • Calvin Millen

    Chief Morale Officer

  • Matt Kuczynski

    Senior Relationship Manager

  • Kim Burrows

    Accounting & Studio Manager

  • Andrea Pratt

    Content & Strategy Lead

  • Shelly Millen

    Managing Partner & Relationship Director

Hidden Gem #1

Would you rather go skydiving or scuba diving?


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