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2 Fish Co. FAQs

When your place of work has got a name like “2 Fish Co,” you learn to expect certain questions. For example, “Do you have fresh salmon today?” Okay, okay, aside from the jokes (though we really have gotten calls from people enquiring about fish), we find that people often have a lot of questions about what we do. That comes with the territory of being a marketing agency, especially one with an offbeat name. So, here I am, writing a frequently asked questions post. I hope it tells you everything you need to know!

1. Do you sell fish?


2. What kind of fish do you sell?

Please refer to question #1.

3. So, what do you do, then?

We’re a full-service B2B and B2C marketing agency.

4. So, what do you do?

A lot of things! Really, all the things (hence the “full-service”). Broadly speaking, we—like all marketing agencies—help facilitate exchanges between our clients and their customers. More specifically, we help our clients plan their marketing communications strategies and work with them to come up with and execute tactics that help them achieve their marketing goals.

5. What are some of the services you offer?

We do it all: marketing strategy, brand development, content creation, events & experiences, marketing automation, digital marketing, environmental & tradeshow design, interaction design, website development, video production, photography, and more!

Learn more on our “What We Do” page.

6. Do you do all of those things for all of your clients?

No! We manage all aspects of marketing for some clients, but many others pick and choose from our service list based on their specific needs.

7. How can you help me with my business?

It all depends on what you need! We can act as your external marketing department, or we can come alongside your existing marketing professionals to provide additional support. We can help you accomplish set goals, or we can start from square one.

8. So, what are your specialties?

We like to say that we’re expert generalists. While many agencies out there might pick a specialty—and that works great for them—we’ve made it a point to be able to help our clients with anything that they might need in house.

9. Are there any specific industries that you like to work with

We enjoy working within—and our skills apply to—many different industries. Over the years, we have found ourselves with particular expertise in healthcare (specifically, medical devices), automotive, manufacturing, and non-profit marketing. We love learning the ins and outs of industries and become true fans of our clients!

10. What types of clients do you have?

Big and small (from Fortune 1000 companies to startups), global and local, for- and not-for-profit.

11. What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

Our niche is working with marketing professionals who are “underwater.” We love coming alongside people who need a helping hand and making marketing mayhem manageable.

We also pride ourselves on our integrity. We even have a set of standards for ourselves to make sure that our work is consistently excellent and that we have consistently excellent relationships with our clients.

12. Do you have any success stories?

Glad you asked! Check out our “What We Do” page for case stories about our award-winning work.

13. When was 2 Fish Co. started?

After many years working in advertising and marketing, Managing Partner & Creative Principal Scott Millen decided to step out on his own and start 2 Fish Company in 2011.

14. Who runs 2 Fish Co?

Scott and Shelly Millen own and manage the company.

You can learn more about Scott and Shelly and the rest of the team on the “What We Do” page.

15. Are Scott and Shelly related?

Yep, they’re married!

16. And that…works?


Finding that hard to believe? Read Shelly’s answer to the question, “How do you work together every day?”

17. Okay, so what’s with the name?

It all goes back to a high school production of Annie in 1989. You can read our whole origin story here.

If we didn’t cover all of your burning questions, feel free to contact us!