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7 Sources You Should Follow For The Latest On Marketing

Anyone who works in marketing or has some marketing duties as part of their role knows that the field is always changing. New technologies and best practices seem to disrupt the marketing world on the daily, making it challenging to keep up. Here’s where the 2 Fish Co. team tends to turn for the latest marketing news, info, stories, and opinions. (For this blog, we’re focusing on information sources with a general marketing focus. There are plenty of sources we adore that focus on one subject, like The Moz Blog for SEO.)

  1. Entrepreneur

We often find ourselves in the Marketing section of Entrepreneur.com. It’s a treasure trove of tips and tricks (“4 Tips for Creating Brand Fanatics,” “7 Reasons People Hate Your Ads—And What to Do About It,” “How to Become a Better Digital Marketer in 2019”), making it an excellent source for ideas on optimizing your marketing. Of course, because articles are written by contributors, you’ve got to take them with a grain of salt and view them as a jumping-off point rather than the final word on a subject.

  1. Fast Company

Interested in marketing news and insights without getting into listicle territory? (Sorry, we hate the word “listicle” as much as you do. Maybe even more.) Fast Company has insightful marketing reporting served in the story format. For instance, “Why the future of McDonald’s marketing looks a lot like Nike’s.”

  1. HubSpot

Oh, HubSpot. How we love thee. HubSpot’s blog is such a great source because it’s full of actionable information. It’s not just overarching strategy, an account of what worked for another company, or a nebulous idea; it’s resources like “How To Create a Marketing Plan With These Free Templates.” Articles are simple and clear.

  1. Household Name

More apt to listen to a podcast than read an article? Household Name is a neat podcast on branding that often drifts into marketing and advertising history or trends.

  1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is another one of those sites that we go back to time and time again. It’s got the timely news and information we want to know. Articles are well-researched and dive deep (“GDPR-compliant companies outperforming peers across a wide range of metrics”).

  1. Ad Week

Ad Week is, as you can probably guess, more advertising-focused than our previous picks. But, hey, advertising is an integral part of marketing, and Ad Week often goes beyond, serving the “Brand marketing ecosystem” as it calls it. Get an intriguing look at a campaign that flopped our flourished as well as insights like “Consumers Are Wary About Personalization In Retail, But Open To It.”

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel doesn’t need any more attention, so we debated whether or not to put him on this list. Then we decided to go ahead and do it because his blog is so useful. It’s got everything (content marketing, SEO, social, email marketing, and on and on), plus you can sort based on the topic you’d like to learn about on a particular day. The info is served in a mix of articles and videos.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, just some of our favs! We hope it point you towards a new favorite source for marketing info.