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What It’s Like to Intern with 2 Fish Company

Getting to know me

I’m preparing to begin my junior year at Michigan State University. As a freshman, I joined the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. This organization pushed me to expand my network while participating in charitable functions that support domestic violence awareness.

I have always been interested in advertising, as I grew up watching my parents navigate the world of business. Naturally, I declared a major in advertising while undertaking a minor in public relations. I’m only beginning to visualize where I see myself in this business. Therefore, this internship was the perfect way to see the environment of a fast-paced creative marketing agency. This is my second summer working with 2 Fish Company, and I’m eager to continue to learn.

The culture of 2 Fish Company

After my first day, it was abundantly clear that 2 Fish Company’s environment was very inclusive-it’s like one big family. Their encouragement calmed my first-day nerves. They welcomed me with open fins! The 2 Fish Co. team makes work feel like a home away from home. I think this allows the team to stay fresh and focused while hard at work.

One particularly eye-opening experience was observing how 2 Fish Company treats their clients. They value building relationships that go beyond the surface. This pushes them to create solutions that stand out, and it adds meaning to their work. Their passion for their projects is obvious in their results.

Personally, I enjoy working so much that days fly by. Everyone has a great sense of humor, and there are definitely several “clownfish” in the group.

One stereotype that surrounds interns is that they are expert coffee makers. At 2 Fish Company, that’s not the case. Like our famous friend, Nemo, it’s clear my voice is valued. For instance, my first task was to archive all previous projects into a computer software. After conducting research and selecting the best option, I reported my findings to Scott, Managing Partner and Creative Principal. Immediately, he purchased the software I selected. This showed me that he trusted my work, and I was valued.

What I do at 2 Fish Co.

Each day, I participate in a morning scrum meeting. It is an effective and collaborative way to start the day. It’s exciting watching the 2 Fish Co. team in action as they tackle project after project.

My responsibilities have grown from last summer, and I love being able to contribute more. I have conducted in-depth research, practiced my written communication skills, assisted with a photo shoot, and so much more. This experience has helped me shape a real picture of what I want to accomplish in my future by exposing me to how a marketing agency functions.

What can I take away from my internship?

Interning at 2 Fish Company has taught me many things. They prove that you can work professionally while still having fun. Similarly, the 2 Fish Co. team demonstrates how high-quality work builds meaningful and lasting relationships by encouraging productive communication.

While interning, I practiced how to communicate in an office environment. I’m a social butterfly; however, learning to talk professionally is a different skill. I learned to expand my vocabulary to include more formal language.

Another important skill I learned is how to work with little direction. Previously, I struggled with this. Now, I feel more confident than ever to accomplish new things. Interning at 2 Fish Company has allowed me to perfect how I overcome new challenges by following these steps:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Define the obstacles.
  • Try to find the answer before asking for help by brainstorming multiple solutions.
  • If I’m still struggling, ask thoughtful clarifying questions.

I cannot thank 2 Fish Company enough for this exciting opportunity that has taught me invaluable skills that I’ll never forget.