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When 2 Fish Company opened its doors over a decade ago, one of our primary goals was to ensure that nonprofit organizations have access to world-class creative and marketing materials that make a difference.

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To turn that goal into action, we developed the 10% project, an initiative designed to engage with the non-profits we work with fully. Ten percent of our yearly revenue is set aside as gift in-kind hours that are donated to organizations we believe are making a difference in our community and the world.


in our creative time has been given away over the past twelve years to non-profits, doing work that matters by supporting organizations that make a difference.

Funds set aside for the 10% Project come in the form of gifted, in-kind agency services as part of an existing client relationship. External costs, such as printing, website hosting, or photography, are excluded from the program. When gifted services are combined with our non-profit rates (which are 20% lower on average than our standard rates), marketing budgets are essentially multiplied, increasing the impact of your non-profit communications and marketing initiatives!

The non-profit organizations we serve use this giG as they see fit, applying it to any project they believe is appropriate within a calendar year. Funds are available on either a “by-the-month” basis or can be applied to specific projects. In a monthly scenario, the available gift amount is split against the remaining number of months in the year. If companies wish to apply funds to a project, the funds applied cannot be larger than 50% of the total project cost. Recipients of the 10% Project grant can use their in-kind gift as they believe appropriate within the calendar year granted.

Past and Present Recipients

What our 10% Project grant recipients say

The results of our work speak for themselves, but our grant recipients are happy to speak on our behalf as well!

“The team at 2 Fish Co. is a gift to us in many ways. They are a trustworthy, fun, and creative partner—and we know their expertise takes our non-profit marketing to the next level. Their generous 10% project reinforces that they are rooting for us—and allows us to do even more to tell our story in our community!”

Kaitlin Verkaik

Marketing and Communication Manager, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity

“2 Fish Company is a trusted partner in our efforts to message our wider community regarding equal human rights for all, especially in Israel-Palestine. Simply put, without their generous help with our website, we would not be able to function effectively.”

Bart Den Boer

Executive Director, Kairos West Michigan

“As a relationally-based, equipping, not for profit—intellectual and financial resources are always stretched. 2 Fish Company helps us to maximize our resources with over the top deliverables to our clients through their 10% Project commitment. We are grateful and highly recommend Scott, Shelly, and the 2 Fish Co team for your creative marketing and technical expertise.”

Jeff Allen

Executive Leader, Thrive Coaching Network

“2 Fish Companuy is a highly trusted partner in our efforts to communicate to our wider community regarding educator well-being and improving staff culture in order to renew the passion and purpose of educators. Without 2 Fish Co.’s expertise and the logo design, identity development, and pitch deck that we have collaborated on, we would not be where we are today.”

Kelly Slager

Administrative and Marketing Manager, Opportunity Thrive

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