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A Comprehensive Campaign for a Comprehensive Warranty

How can a company let its customers know that a comprehensive extended warranty for its innovative precast foundation walls can be purchased long after construction is complete?

Great Lakes Superior Walls (GLSW) is the Michigan franchise of Superior Walls of America. Founded in 1981, Superior Walls came about as the result of researching precast foundation systems to eliminate traditional home-building problems while providing a quick and straightforward way to construct better basements that would stay dry. Precast off-site, the foundation walls are used in residential homes and commercial buildings and are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional poured walls and additional stick-framing.

Franchise owner David VanBaren innovated this revolutionary construction process and is so confident in precast Great Lakes Superior Walls construction that his company piloted a free basic five-year warranty program. Furthermore, GLSW provides an extended and transferrable purchase warranty covering damage or failure long after installation.

“Great Lakes Superior Walls are quality constructed and built to last. We wanted to let our customers know that if our walls fail, our extended warranty will make it right. No other construction company offers this level of protection.”

Doug Davis, Sales Manager at Great Lakes Superior Walls


When it comes to extended warranties, cold calls, robo dials, unqualified emails, and hard sells are ineffective. The first step that 2 Fish Co. undertook was to build a landing page on the GLSW website to make the public aware of the warranty, collect contact information, and begin the conversation.


Because former customers would have little reason to go to the GLSW website on their own, 2 Fish Co. developed a series of print postcards to be mailed to the entire GLSW database. The card wasn’t designed to sell the warranty but contained a QR code to drive recipients to the landing page, which would better qualify prospects. Each mailing went to approximately five thousand homeowners, builders, and property managers. Each time a mailing dropped, the list was honed down, and qualified leads came into the landing page.

In tandem with the print direct mail campaign, 2 Fish Co. developed an email campaign using MailChimp. The information, QR code, and CTA were nearly identical to the print campaign.

The two components of the drip campaigns were executed over two months, alternating between print and electronic communication.

“We recommended a dual drip campaign knowing that purchasing an extended warranty isn’t a knee-jerk decision. By reminding customers using two channels, digital and print, GLSW could reach prospects using several touchpoints.”

Shelly Millen, 2 Fish Co. Managing Partner and Relationship Director

2 Fish Co. also created and deployed a series of Google display ads to maximize outreach beyond GLSW’s existing customer list.


The email campaign sent 7,536 messages with an average delivery rate of 98.69%, with 61.62% of emails opened. Less than 1% (0.06%) messages bounced.

The search ads ran from April through August 2022. 31,367 impressions were made. The search average CTR was 7.29%—well above the national average of 1.91%. The average CPC was $2.24, with an average conversion rate of 2.40%.


The extended warranty campaign is the latest in a series of projects on which GLSW and 2 Fish Co. have partnered. GLSW plans to expand the warranty marketing program to its other franchises, which 2 Fish Co. will also develop.

“We are very pleased with the results of the marketing program 2 Fish Co. created. We were able to sell 22 new warranties and received numerous inquiries that our sales team is pursuing. Our ROI far exceeded our expectations.”

Doug Davis, Sales Manager at Great Lakes Superior Walls